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fredag 6 mars 2015

Iranian regime and the Turkish regime together organized isis

Funny world say nothing to Iran for what he is doing inside Iraq ... Look like a big business ....??????
Iranian regime and the Turkish regime together organized isis
War business documents between the US, Turkey and Iran also isis.
Isis has helped actually very much Iranian religious dictatorship barbaric regime's interest in Iraq.

I want to say Iran and Turkey agreed to help Isis secretly with weapons and even war strategy. because Isis has helped both Iranian and Turkish interests very much in Iraq and Syria.

Iran before this could just go into Iraq in secret, but right now the Iranian regime going into Iraq in front of the world around the eyes especially in front of American eyes.
I have written a political analysis on the Middle East and especially isis attack against Iraq that took Mosul in just a few hours without the Iraqi military to do the resistance against Isis.
Iranian President Hassan Rohani went to Turkey and just a day after isis attacked Mosul and took so quickly Mosul, the Iraqi city.
Iran had lots dream to win the outside world, and go on with their dirty policy against Iranian opposition.
Iran before this could not have such controls over Iraq, but right now Iranian regime has also tried to take control of the Kurdistan also yesterday puk police attacked Kurdish political refugees in koye who wanted to puk would do that? yes that Iran demanded PUK to attack PDK members who live in a refugee situation in Koye.
This letter will write more and will provide more information on Iranian and Turkish planes against the Kurdish people
with friendly greetings samuel kermashani

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