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tisdag 28 oktober 2014



FUCK islam  fuck SHARIA! law
hree topless sextremist of the FEMEN protested in front of the Iranian embassy in the German capital, Berlin. The young women protested against the execution Reyhaneh Jabbari. Fuck sharia! 
Policemen arrested the FEMEN activists.

Rayhennah Jabbari was executed secretly at the age of 26 years , after seven years on death row , on the last Saturday in Iran . Rayhennah Jabbari was a young architect who was lured under false pretenses by the intelligence officials Morteza Abdolali in his house to rape her there . Rayhennah Jabbari defended herself and stabbed her attacker with a knife . She acted in self-defense . He had selected her as a victim, but in the end she felt as a victim to her state .
Rayhaneh Jabbari was executed because she wanted to protect her own lives. It is time that Europe wakes up and rises against this crime against humanity, instead of acting hypocritically and deliver the executioner tools .
Most of the executions happen with the help of German ATLAS cranes. Twenty minutes will take this painful killing. The Iranian government hanged innocent people because of its inhuman Sharia law .
FEMEN calls for the absolute separation of state and religion, FEMEN believes in the universality of human rights and the abolition of the death penalty worldwide .

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