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söndag 26 juli 2015

Kurdish Barzani: ''Turkey Has the Right to Attack PKK''

Barzani is a crazy man he is anti kurd he only like money

Kurdish Barzani: ''Turkey Has the Right to Attack PKK''
SULAIMANI – Kurdistan President Masoud Barzani was aware of Turkish plans to bombard areas inside the region where the Kurdistan Workers’ Party operates, Anadolu Agency reported Saturday.

Barzani reportedly discussed the airstrikes with Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu over a phone call.

The Anadolu report also stated that Barzani told Davutoglu he is ready to support Turkey in fighting against “terrorists.”

“Barzani told me that the Turkish operations against Islamic State (IS) group and PKK is your right,” Davutoglu said.

Turkish warplanes began launching airstrikes across northern areas inside the Kurdistan Region on Friday, effectively ending a two-year ceasefire between Ankara and PKK fighters.

Following the air raids, the PKK-affiliated Group of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK) called for increased attacks on The AK Party, to which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and PM Ahmet Davutoglu belong.

Tensions between Ankara and the PKK have reached a high this week following a bombing in the southern Turkish city of Suruc on Monday, in which a suicide bomber, believed to have ties to IS, attacked a group of young Kurdish activists preparing to transport aid to the devastated city of Kobane, just 10 km across the border.

PKK members killed two police officers following the attack, claiming that the Turkish government was being complacent as IS militants cross the border in each ways.


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