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lördag 1 augusti 2015

Isis first demonstration in Sweden using isis Turkish flag, Turkey does not use real bombs against isis contrary, Turkey uses real bombs against Kurdish people

Turkey does not use real bombs against isis contrary, Turkey uses real bombs against Kurdish people
Isis first demonstration in Sweden using isis Turkish flag
HOME | It was chaotic when the pro-Turkish demonstrators chanted ISIS slogans and praised Turkey's recent bombing offensive against Kurdish anti-ISIS forces. A larger number left sympathizers and pro-Kurdish activists chose to disrupt what you choose to call for Sweden's first ISIS-friendly demonstration.

The pro-Islamist counter-demonstrators had gathered outside the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm to celebrate the country's recent bombing offensive against Kurdish anti-ISIS forces in Syria and in Iraq. The background to the ISIS-friendly counter-demonstration was to the left active and pro-Kurdish demonstrators wanted to protest against the Kurds hostile currents of writing creates leeway for ISIS terrorists being held back by the Kurdistan Defense Forces.

Counter-demonstration was organized by, among other things, Turkish National Association. Among other things, called on the National Association of people to go to the embassy to "protect it". On its Web site published the Turkish National Association this admonition: "Anyone who is Turkish, carrying Turkish blood, love their country, love their flag are invited to gather outside the Turkish embassy on Day Hammarskjöls path 20 in order to protect the embassy against those who sympathize with terrorist organizations . "In connection with the call spread also a black and white Turkish flag instead of the regular Turkish flag that bears the colors red and white.

Current focus has spoken to activist "Jonas" who demonstrated at the Turkish Embassy today. In the interview, says Jonas that he was on hand to show their disgust against the Turkish ISIS-friendly stance.

Why were you on the spot at the Turkish Embassy today?

- To show my disgust against Turkey's support for the Islamic State. The past week has been the interrupted peace negotiations with the PKK, they have arrested thousands of political activists and started bombing the military forces fighting against ICE. They have thus given Islamic State air support through its bombing of PKK, YPG / YPJ and the women and children that also killed in air strikes. They also punished a journalist with 30 years in prison for having photographic evidence showed how Turkish intelligence service sent supplies to the Islamic state in Syria.

How many were you?

- At least 250 pieces.

It was just anti-ISIS demonstrators on the spot?

- No sorry! At the embassy, ​​we were met by the first ISIS-friendly demonstration in Sweden!

What made them?

- The demonstration of Turkish line that is about supporting the Islamic State in order to undermine the PKK. They shouted that the PKK is a terrorist. The PKK is with its sister organizations, those who stand in the front toward the ISIS, those who, with their lives at stake, battles to liberate the occupied territories of ISIS. They waved Turkish flags and heckled us who are against the Islamic state.

Had you sought permission for the demonstration?

- Yes! We had permission to demonstrate. It was not the other. The police refused to run away ISIS supporters. They pepper-sprayed everyone who went against their direction. Both young and old. When we began to move from there they rode straight into us. They arrested several of us Anti-ISIS-protesters, when we were about to leave.

What can the Swedish government to make the fight against ISIS?

- You may suspend its cooperation with Turkey and Saudi Arabia and other states which openly supports the IS. At least highlight! Now they want Turkish government prohibit HDP (a political party in Turkey) with 13% of votes. Sweden should put your foot down! Sweden should also rescind the terrorist stamp on the PKK, given that they guarantee that IS should not get an even bigger spread. It is a scandal that the Swedish government does not do more if they claim to defend human rights and democracy!

What can individuals do?

- One can make from donating money to build public opinion to join one of the organizations which are contrary to the ISIS.

Current focus has tried to reach Turkish National Association unsuccessfully during the evening. Jonas's really something else but have been promised anonymity and protection of sources in view of the extreme threats that are against Kurdish socialists from the Islamist terrorist organization.

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