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lördag 3 oktober 2015

Syria: Putin's action force Obama to support Kurdish fighters

Syria: Putin's action force Obama to support Kurdish fighters
U.S. officials have told Reuters that a review is underway that could also result in scaling back and reenvisioning Washington's struggling program to train and equip moderate rebels. About 80 graduates are deployed in Syria now and dozens are still in U.S. training, but the Pentagon has stopped drawing recruits from the Syrian battlefield during the review.

At the same time, the Obama administration is weighing the possibility of supporting another, separate rebel push east of the Euphrates river that includes largely Kurdish forces, the military official said.

The official said that Washington had disagreement with Turkey, wary of Kurdish aspirations to create an independent state, Turkey does not want to see Kurdish forces control more of the Syrian side of their border.

That group, known as People's Protection Units will soon take on ISIS in Jarablus which is last remaining border under the Islamic State and push south toward Raqqa with the Syrian Arab Coalition, the official said.

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