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lördag 17 oktober 2015

Syria: United States denying weapons sent to Kurds

Syria: United States denying weapons sent to Kurds 
Pentagon denying weapons sent to Syria were for Kurds. The U.S. military airdropped 50 tons of arms ammo and grenades in northern Syria on Sunday.

"All the pallets reached friendly forces," the official said, adding that the drop "looked similar to what we did in Kobani." This referred to one of the few bright spots in the war against the Islamic State when the U.S. military dropped weapons to Kurdish fighters, who successfully expelled ISIS from Northern Syrian border earlier this year.

This time, the official said Kurds were not recipients of the U.S. airdrop - only Syrian Arabs fighting ISIS. There is sensitivity in Washington over arming Kurds, whom Turkey sees as an enemy but the U.S. counts as a NATO ally. Turkey have been drooping hundreds of bombs on Kurds which so far have killed mostly civilians.

The 50 tons of supplies were airdropped into Al-Hasakah province, home to mostly Syrian Kurds and a small Arab population. The ammunition originally was intended for the U.S. military's "train and equip" mission, the official said. But that program was canceled last week.

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