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lördag 3 oktober 2015

US gives Kurds vehicles with no side armor against ISIS (Friends without benefit)

US gives Kurds vehicles with no side armor against ISIS (Friends without benefit)
Dozens of MRAPs provided by the U.S. government to its Kurdish allies in Iraq have arrived without protective side armor, Fox News has learned, with one security contractor who works with the Kurds saying the missing armor makes riding in them tantamount to "committing suicide."

The U.S. government promised 250 Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles (MRAPs) for Kurdish allies to help in the fight against the Islamic State.

But Phil Hudicourt, former Army Special Forces member who has spent more than a decade in Iraq, told Fox News the vehicles are "dangerous" without the armor plates. it's a pretty stupid decision. Because riding in those MRAPs with all the amount of RPG 29s in the country is committing suicide."

Fox News reviewed photos of about 30 MRAPs that arrived in Erbil, Kurdistan, last month. The photos appear to show empty side racks when compared with fully equipped models.

The large armor plates in question were added to MRAPs during the second Iraq war, when U.S. commanders on the ground realized that -- while the vehicles could protect against IEDs and land mines because of their reinforced base -- they were vulnerable to rocket-propelled grenade attacks from the side.

"Without the plates, the RPG is specially designed to attack armored vehicles. When it hits the vehicle, it literally punches a hole inside it, right through the armor and then throws a lot of hot metal around inside the vehicle so it's designed to kill anybody inside and if possible cause the vehicle to explode, our government simply screwed the Kurds one more time" said Bucci, now director of the Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation.

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