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fredag 17 februari 2017

Mojtaba Khamenei killed Rafsanjani

Mojtaba Khamenei killed Rafsanjani
Mojtaba Khamenei has a network that his network just raping young children in Iranian schools Mojtaba Khamenei has two large network, one of them killing and torturing people who are not keeping up with his father
Mojtaba Khamenei, who planned and killed Rafsanjani important information we have received from Iran Mojtaba Khamenei had the meeting with his father before them would kill Rafsanjani.
since they planned to kill hamshimi Rafsanjani to Mojtaba khameni be for his father to be Iranian regime's new leader.
if Rafsanjani could be with life when Mojtaba khameni had no chance to become Iranian new leader after his father who is feeling well and living under medical control.
the information we have got right now Mojtaba khameni training to be by his father to become Iranian leaders.
and be able to sit in his father's place after Khamenei be dead.
Why Mojtaba Khamenei killed Hashemi Rafsanjani?
Because Mojtaba Khamenei thought that it is better to them to kill Rafsanjani to be easier for Mojtaba Khamenei to become Iran's next leader after his father.

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