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torsdag 16 februari 2017

This means that the Turkish regime the Kurdish people's worst enemy.

I do not understand why the Turkish regime so afraid to Kurdistan to become a country and be approved by the UN. and everyone should know about the Turkish government and the Turkish nationalists do not want to live in peace with the Kurdish people, those Turkish nationalists and the regime does not want to respect Kurdish rights, and they never give any rights to the Kurdish people who are more than 30 million Kurds living in Turkey.
This means that the Turkish regime the Kurdish people's worst enemy.
Because we want through this weblog tell the whole world especially the European and the American people that would not listen to the Turks because the Turkish regime is a racist regime and the Kurds greatest enemy.
And we pray for those European and American people to help the Kurdish people against the Kurdish enemy that wants to make genocide against the Kurdish people just like Turkey has done before the genocide against the Armenian people.
Turkish government and Turkish diplomats lie all the time about the Kurdish people in northern Syiren you all to know Turkey wants to have control over the Kurdish population and Kurdish polititska movements, like Iraqi Kurdistan and Masoud Barzani who is currently under the Erdogasns regime  control

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