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söndag 8 januari 2017

Golrokh Irai Addresses Her and Her Husband’s Sufferings

Golrokh Irai Addresses Her and Her Husband’s Sufferings.

HRANA News Agency – Golrokh Irai and Arash Sadeghi, civil rights activists are held in Evin prison, and serving their 6 and 19 years imprisonment. Arash Sadeghi had gone on hunger strike for more than 70 days in protest to the case and the arrest of his wife. What follows is a Golrokh Irai’s speech before the arrest and her descriptions of the case and the rights that have been violated.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Arash Sadeghi who is serving his sentence in Hall 10, ward 8 of Evin prisonnhad gone on hunger strike by writing a letter to protest against his wife’s arrest.
The political prisoner later, had written an open letter and mentioned the documented cases of rights violations in the process of arrest, interrogation, trial and sentencing.
Golrokh Irai was arrest and taken to Evin prison by the security forces on October 24, 2016 without receiving written summons.

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