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fredag 13 januari 2017

The Turkish state has no right to decide where the PKK will be" Tevgera Azadi Co-chair Mihemed Abdullah stated that the Turkish state has no right or responsibility to push the PKK out of Shengal.


The Turkish state has no right to decide where the PKK will be"

Tevgera Azadi Co-chair Mihemed Abdullah stated that the Turkish state has no right or responsibility to push the PKK out of Shengal.

 Tevgera Azadi Co-chair Mihemed Abdullah stated that it is not the Turkish state’s responsibility to push the PKK out of Shengal. Abdullah described Turkish Prime Minister Binalı Yıldırım’s visit to Hewler as an attempt to prevent the national unity of Kurdish people and to eliminate the Kurdish freedom movement. He called upon all Kurdish parties to come together for national unity. Below is the interview Abdullah gave to ANF:
Turkish Prime Minister’s visit to Hewler and the statements that followed received great criticism from the Kurdish public. What is your comment on these statements?
The essence of the matter is that Erdoğan and the AKP government has identified the freedom struggle of Kurdish people as their number one target. This is why they supported ISIS, sent troops to Bashiqa, and supported gang groups in Syria and Rojava. However, they have failed and the organizations they use have been defeated. The Turkish PM's visit to Iraq and South Kurdistan aims to hide their failures. With their statements in South Kurdistan, they give the message of “We own this place, we can do whatever we want, the people here are our civil servants.”
Kurds were not pleased to see the KDP president and other officials remaining silent as Turkish PM called the PKK and PYD ‘terrorist.’ How should this silence be interpreted?
Unfortunately, it was a critical situation. I absolutely condemn this silence. Those that were present there during the press statement should have objected to it and Yıldırım should have received the response he deserved because the PKK has been resisting the Turkish state’s terror attacks against Kurdish people for decades now. PKK is struggling for the freedom of Kurdish people, who are assimilated and threatened with genocide by the Turkish state. In Rojava, the PYD is resisting the genocide against all peoples. It is unacceptable for the Turkish state, who is supporting all terrorist groups in the war against Kurdish people, to call the PKK and PYD as ‘terrorist.’
How do you evaluate the relations and political similarities between the Turkish state and the KDP? Also, what is your opinion regarding the stance of parties from South Kurdistan towards the aforementioned statements?
They are trying to replicate Turkey’s one-man and one-party regime in South Kurdistan. In both sides, one family and one party rule are sought after. These two families are trying to secure their power through political and economical relations. They try to silence everyone. On the other hand, parties in South Kurdistan should have taken a stance when Nechirvan Barzani said “We might use force if the PKK does not leave Shengal.” He made that statement on behalf of the government. When Yıldırım said that they would collaborate with peshmergas on the removal of the PKK from Shengal, other parties should have taken a stance.
Would it not be the best option for the people of Shengal to decide on who can stay in Shengal?
Yes, absolutely. Everybody knows it was the guerrillas that defended Shengal and prevented a genocide from taking place. Therefore, one should ask the people of Shengal whom it is that they want. Everyone knows who abandoned Shengal and are now trying to take control again. There is no guarantee that another massacre will not take place. We have heard some military officials say that the PKK would not be allowed even if there was a new massacre here. However, the PKK is not occupying Shengal.
It is said that the PKK should be removed because Shengal needs reconstruction. Is the PKK preventing reconstruction in Shengal?
It is true that Shengal needs reconstruction, but this construction firstly needs to be realized in the will of Shengal’s residents. They have bee put through genocide and need time to recover. If people want to help, this is the way to do it.
Currently, the people of Shengal are trying to establish their own will.
Those arguing that the PKK should leave Shengal, as well as the Turkish state are afraid of the reality of Shengal where a will is being built. The PKK is not an obstacle for the reconstruction of Shengal. Currently, a local administration and an autonomous system is being established there. This system also influences South Kurdistan and this is what scares dictators, nationalists and anti-democratic groups the most, and makes them speak these words.
The Turkish Prime Minister’s statement was perceived as “I call the shots in Kurdistan.” Would you agree?
It is unacceptable for the Turkish state to be perceived as calling the shots in Shengal, South Kurdistan, Rojava or any other part of Kurdistan. This is Kurdish people’s internal issue, and Kurds should discuss it among themselves and decide if the presence of Turkey is necessary there. If it is necessary, why? And if it is not, why is it not? Kurds should decide upon this.
Are there any dangers that surround Shengal at the moment?
Of course, some groups still have plans regarding Shengal. The people of Shengal have not fully been liberated from ISIS and returned to their city; they remain in danger. Like I said, Shengal is an internal issue of the Kurdish people. The Turkish state’s sole aim is occupation. Kurdish parties that are against this occupation should come together and resolve their issues. As Tevgera Azadi, we can be negotiators and bring together the different sides in order to find a solution path.
Birakujî (civil war in Kurdish) has been brought up with the latest discussions on Shengal, do you think such a conflict is possible?
I believe Birakujî remained in the past. Our people will not accept it anymore. The joint struggle of guerrillas, peshmergas and fighters inspired strength and hope among civilians. I do not think that Kurdish people will allow an intra-Kurdish fighting and the elimination of this hope. Just a few days ago, peshmergas went to Qandil to denounce Birakujî and to demand the organization of a national congress. They said ‘we fought side by side in Shengal, Kirkuk and Maxmur.’ They announced that threats against guerrillas were also threats against themselves.
The Turkish Prime Minister’s visit to Hewler and meeting with KDP officials was a response to the KCK’s calls for a national congress, which received support from peshmergas. With his statement, Yıldırım showed that his visit aimed to break the stance for national unity. We all remember how the KDP, with the influence of the Turkish state, upset the efforts for a national congress in 2013.
How can Kurdish people foil these plans?
These are definitely dangerous plans, and we must ensure national unity in order to foil them. Notice the Turkish state’s recent alliance with Russia, Iran and Iraq. They all want to eliminate the Kurdish freedom movement. Therefore, the people of South Kurdistan should reject the labeling of the PKK, PYD, and the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s ideas as terrorists. The struggle of Martyr Dr. Sirwan, Martyr Arin Mirkan, Martyr Viyan, Martyr Zilan, and Martyr Agit should not be described as terrorism. The labeling of Sakine Cansız’s struggle as terrorism should be rejected. Everyone should know if that if we fail to take a stance and struggle against such attacks, tomorrow may be too late for national unity and freedom. Eventually, Turkey will betray these groups just like it betrayed the groups it used in its war against Assad’s regime in Aleppo.

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