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fredag 6 januari 2017

Turkish fascist regimes warplanes penetrated the Roj Ava atmosphere and bombed places surroundings Tel Alo in AL-Jazireh province” YPG`s Leading role “

Turkish fascist regimes  warplanes penetrated the Roj Ava atmosphere and bombed places surroundings Tel Alo in AL-Jazireh province” YPG`s Leading role “

Leadership in the People’s Protection Units YPG said that Turkish helicopters bombed sites in the countryside of the town, ” Jel Agha ” ,in Roj Avai  Kurdistan in AL-Jazireh region without leaving human damage on 3 / November.

A leading source in the People’s Protection Units: “The Turkish warplanes penetrated the atmosphere Roj Ava yesterday evening, and bombed several locations in the vicinity of the village of Tel Alo in Jel Agha town in AL-Jazireh province.
The source pointed out that the Turkish hovercraft pulled into Turkish territory after that , without any damages resulting from the bombing.
The same source confirmed that the Turkish occupation army soldiers tried to penetrate the territory Roj Ava against the Terbih Sapieh city in AL-Jazireh province at afternoon in the same day , then clashes occurred between the Turkish occupation army  and People’s and Women Protection Units, Turkish soldiers were unable to cross the territory Roj Ava”.
On the evening of 3 / November Turkish army helicopters penetrated the atmosphere Roj Ava and bombed several places in the countryside Jel Agha without damage occurring” The source added “. in
In a related development, the Syrian Observatory said, “that violent explosions shook the eastern countryside to the Qamishlo city, confirmed a reliable source of the observatory that explosions rocked the Elierbah countryside (Tel Kojer), which is located east of Qamishlo city toward the Syrian – Iraqi border, and in the Syrian border triangle – Turkish – Iraqi , then the explosions came in conjunction with the flight of the planes overhead.
The sources confirmed that helicopters targeted Tel Meshaal area which Kurdish people`s Protection Units and  AL-Sanadid forces of the governor AL-Jazireh province ” Hamidi Dham Hadi”  controlled on it, the identity of the aircraft, the nature of the area  and whether the resulting fall of casualties that was bombed was not clear until this moment.
It is worth mentioning that the Elierbah town (Tel Kojer) is located near the Rimelan area where Rimelan airport exists, which has been outfitted since mid-last year 2016 by extending the runway and vaccinated to be used by US aircraft and the international coalition, and to be a center for American advisers who have entered the territory Syrian in the first half of last year 2016.
Source: Agencies

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