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söndag 11 juni 2017

Turkish soldiers destroy another cemetery belonging to Kurdish PKK fighters

Turkish soldiers destroy another cemetery belonging to Kurdish PKK fighters.

Turkish soldiers and village guards attacked and demaged a cemetery belonging to Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) fighters in a military operation launched in the Kato region of Şirnak’s Beytüşşebap district on 18 April.
The walls of the “Martyr Kurtay Feraşîn Cemetery of Martyrs” in Meydan Kolya Plateau were demolished with diggers. Headstones were damaged and the visitor’s hut was completely demolished.
The area surrounding the cemetery had been bombed in an aerial attack on 4 November 2015, leading to some damage.
Heavy clashes have been ongoing in the Kato Şirnak’s region for several weeks after the Turkish army launched a comprehensive military operation in the area targeting Kurdish fighters.
Over the years Turkish soldiers and aerial attacks by the army have destroyed several cemeteries where Kurdish fighters are buried.
Turkish jets attacked the 'Martyr Mehmet Karasungur Cemetery' in February 2017 and turned to rubble part of the cemetery.
The 'Martyr Harun Cemetery' in Diyarbakir's Lice district was almost completely destroyed in November 2015.
A cemetery in Mardin's Nusaybin district was also destroyed in 2013.
Source: ANF/Various

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