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lördag 10 juni 2017

It would be 25 next month for the Kurdistan independence referendum date.

It would be 25 next month for the Kurdistan independence referendum date.
But it seems extended to September 25th when it will not happen. We know that Masoud Barzani is lying and playing with Kurdish feelings.

Know why Masoud Barzani put this date because Barzani has killed a Kurdish woman in Istanbul and right now with this propaganda.
  And this measure is to deceive public opinion
And wrong facts turned.
Sahar the Kurdish young woman who was raped by Masoud Barzani's closer men when she revealed how Masoud Barzani's highest men treated Sahar, when Masoud Barzani gave words to his assurances, they went to Istanbul and killed Sahar.
Right now Barzani's terror is revealed and Barzani Party tried to lie again for the Kurdish people and play with Kurdish feelings.
I want to inform you that the date the referendum will begin will never happen because masoud barzani is under the control of the erdog, masoud barzani can not do anything without the word of Erdogan.
you can see under here
Kurdish mafia leaders  masoud sets independence referendum date
As I have been championing for a while now, the Kurdistan region has finally set a long overdue independence referendum date. The referendum is set to occur on the 25th of September. The Kurdish referendum is bound to spark outlash from regional powers. The president of Turk gay erdogan, has already come out against the referedum saying it is a "Grave mistake" or some other equally gay mongolian shit. Also, tensions between Kurdish region and pmu, are rising, despite the fact that pmu is a ragtag group without proper training and ultimately doesn't stand a chance against peshmerga. The referendum is set to include Kirkuk, and the pmu likely won't give up kirkuk without a fight. Shit is about to go down.
The referendum is said to be one question: are you with the independence of kurdistan? With two possible answers yes or no. The referendum is likely to pass in a landslide as hi

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