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måndag 12 juni 2017

Khomeini is father to all terrorist in the worlde

Khomeini is father to all terrorist in the worlde
There is definitely not the difference between the Iranian regime and the Islamic state, the Islamic terror organization in Syria and Iraq. They have the same ideology.
Khomeini's ideology builds up many similar thinking in the Middle East
One of them today is in reality it is isis the Islamic Barbarian terrorists ...
, And who is the father of isis the Islamic brutal terror organization?
1979 in Iran changed completely to hell, khomeini came to Iran the Islamic extremist man.

 Came khomeini to Iran and took power.
Then the day of Isis father took power in Iran 1979.
Khomeini has organized a terrorist group against the Iranian people,
Khomeini has made terror in paris, made terror in berlin made terror in rome in italy khomeini has done terror in switzerland, khomeini has done terror in turkey ,, khomeini has done terror in Iraq many times and chomeini's terror organization has made terror to the Israeli people . And khomeini has made terror in many countries, what today makes isis it did khomeini many years ago.

 Al Baghdadi Just Like Khomeini Also Khomeini Just Like Al Baghdadi, It Is A Difference Between Iranian Islamic State And Isis Islamic State It's That Iranian regime execute People With Hangings, But Isis behead People with knife, Or burn up people when the Islamic state wants to kill someone

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