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måndag 12 juni 2017

Masoud Barzani himself is not independent How can the referendum be made for the independence of Kurdistan?

Masoud Barzani himself is not independent How can the referendum be made for the independence of Kurdistan?
Still many things in the Kurdistan that one can believe that Kurdistan becomes an independence is missing. Turkey has a major role in the Kurdistan still Turkish military has military bases in the Kurdistan under Masoud Barzani's control. Basheqe is a military base, there is Turkish military base in Dahuk also in Zaxo and Amedia.

Turkey has several military bases in Iraqi Kurdistan, what do you think masoud Barzani can really do referendum for the independence of Kurdistan or just Masoud Barzani playing with Kurdish people feelings of being able to remain for a few years at the Rigion Presidential Post?
I love Israel and I always thought that Kurdistan became independent and alliance with Israel, both political and military cooperation.
But today there is no independent party in the Kurdistan. All political parties in Kurdistan are under the control of Kurdish enemies. Kurdish political party in Kurdistan itself is not independent how would a future country in Kurdistan ??
Me and many Kurdish political activists absolutely no longer believe in Masoud Barzani. Because when you read about Mr. Masoud Barzani's story, you get a result so that this man can not work gets the interest of the Kurdish people, on the contrary, Barzani is always against Kurdish interest.
Today I saw an article via jpost saying that Israel demanded the United States to approve Kurdish independence after the Kurdish referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan.
Those in Kurdistan do not start building a country Masoud Barzani is under Erdogan's control. When Mr. Masoud Barzani himself is not independent, how could he create independence in Kurdistan?
Also in the Kurdistan, all political parties do not agree.
Still in the Kurdistan, two different authorities have green and yellow government in Dahuk and Zaxo also green government in Sulimanye, Kalar and Koye some areas.
When a country wants to make a referendum for independence, all the political parties should agree, law, rules, build economic, build democracy, build good society, get good lives for the people today Masoud Barzani has provided hell to the Kurdish people Have no jobs people have no money people can not buy brood to be able to provide for their families.

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