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tisdag 22 juli 2014

After Christians... ISIS threatens Kurds in Iraq's Mosul

After Christians... ISIS threatens Kurds in Iraq's Mosul.
MOSUL, Northwest Iraq,— The al-Qaeda linked Islamic-jihadists from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ISIS threatened Kurds of being killed if not leave Mosul city.

Mosul city has become completely empty of Christians who fled under threat of ISIS and that gave them the choice between converting to Islam , pay tribute or face death at a deadline that ended on Saturday.

“100 Kurdish family have been threatened today to be killed if they didn’t leave their homes and the city, without setting a timetable for them, it is likely to vacate Mosul soon," The media official of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan KDP in the region, Saeed Mamouzine said in an interview published on the party’s Website.

He added that "700 Christian families were forced to leave the city, while about 25 families are currently paying tribute because they have interests that must be sponsored in Mosul."

ISIS had determined an amount of $ 450 as a capitation to Christians who decided to stay in Mosul city that the organization has controlled on the 10th of last June. ISIS has gave the Christians of Mosul, 24 hours that ended last Saturday, calling them to be Muslims, pay tribute or to leave their homes without their property as spoils.

Mmouzine pointed out that "ISIS gunmen kidnapped today citizens of the Turkmen Shiite in al-Shuhadaa neighborhood as their fate is still unknown."    

ISIS has subjected entire Mosul under its control and radical Islamic view on religious minorities as Christians, Shiites and Yazidis, causing the displacement of hundreds of thousands.

Targeting Christians has received international and wide domestic condemnation.

Mosul city, Iraq's second largest and the oldest city inhabited by a mixture of religions nationalities.

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