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söndag 13 juli 2014

weast Kurdistan News in brief

west Kurdistan News in brief.
 Qmişlo (Qamishli), Amude, Afrin, Derik - Hesekê (Hassaka)  Western Kurdistan (Syrian Kurdistan) aka Rojava (West)

PYD Co-chair Muslim: ISIS is using Iraqi weapons in Kobanê

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) Co-chair Salih Muslim states that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants have brought weapons from the fallen Iraqi army in Mosul to Kobanê Canton of Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava) and the Islamic militants are using these weapons in Kobanê against Kurds. While the barbaric attacks of ISIS militants are going in three sides of Kobanê Canton, the Kurdish forces of People's Protection Units (YPG) and Women's Protection Units (YPJ) are exhibiting a massive resistance towards these militants. Muslim pointed out that violent clashes between ISIS and YPG continue in the west of Kobanê. “ISIS have transferred the weapons that they confiscated previously in Mosul from the Iraqi army to Kobanê and are using them against the Kurds. There is heavy weaponry like mortars and tanks, which concerns our forces. We can’t use our weapon against their bullet prove tanks.

For this reason we are searching in the black market for IEDs and mines to take down the tanks,” said Muslim. “We are ready to cooperate with any other country to stand against ISIS militants because ISIS is not only threat to us but to all people in the Middle East. We’ve said before that ISIS has become a terrorist organization, but nobody listened to us and now they admit it,” added

YPG inflicts heavy losses on ISIS in Kobane

Kobane: al-Qaeda linked Islamic-jihadists from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ISIS attacking Kobanê with heavy weaponry brought from Iraq are sustaining heavy casualties in clashes with the YPG (People’s Protection Forces). According to the YPG 61 Islamic-jihadists have been killed in the last 24 hours and large amounts of military hardware have been seized. The YPG Press Centre has provided detailed information regarding clashes that have taken place in the last 24 hours in Kobanê. 42 ISIS members were killed in clashes with YPG forces defending the village of Jab al Faraj on the border with Turkey. The YPG said it had seized large quantities of arms and ammunition including 4 Kalashnikov rifles, a RPG rocket launcher and 4 rockets. Clashes have been continuing for over 10 days with ISIS using the heavy weaponry, such as tanks and artillery, it captured in Iraq without a fight. According to YPG sources, while around 400 ISIS members have been killed, 40 YPG fighters have also died in the

Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament pledges support for Kobanê resistance

Erbil: The Speaker of the Iraq's Kurdistan Regional Parliament has condemned the ISIS attacks on the region of Kobanê in Western Kurdistan (Rojava), calling on the Kurdistan government KRG and Kurdish political parties to give their full support to Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava). The Speaker of Kurdistan Parliament has issued a written statement condemning the ISIS attack on Kobanê that has been continuing for nearly 2 weeks.  The statement is important as it is the first time the Kurdish parliament has openly condemned the attacks on Rojava and offered its support. The statement described the attacks on Rojava as ‘planned’, adding: “we greet the resistance of the women and men of West Kurdistan who are protecting their gains and their freedom with their blood.” Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament called on political forces in Syrian Kurdistan to put to one side their political differences and join hands to prevent the enemies of Kurds from achieving their aims.” Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament called on the United Nations, European Union and Arab League to send urgent humanitarian aid to Rojava and to prevent crimes against humanity and massacres being perpetrated against the Kurds. It also called on the Erbil government and political forces in all four parts of Kurdistan to do all they can to support and assist Rojava. |

Solidarity protests for Kobanê in Europe

Berlin, Germany: There have been protests in many places in Europe against the siege of Kobanê in Syrian Kurdistan by extreme radical Islamist groups and the massacres that they have carried out. The attacks on Kobanê canton was condemned in the city of Hildesheim in Germany.

Over 500 people attended the protest which was held in the centre of the city. The protest which was organised under the leadership of the ‘Hildesheim democratic Kurdish cultural centre’, was participated in by the components of the union of democratic forces and leftist groups in Germany. At the protest, which was organised with the slogan: “Turkey lends financial support and ISIS gangs carry out massacres”, posters of PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan and YPG flags were held aloft YPG. A declaration prepared by NAV-DEM was read out and leaflets were distributed. The attacks on Kobanê were also protested in the city of Toulouse in France. The march started at capital square and turned into a rally. Lots of pamphlets were distributed during the march. Alevi organisations also supported the protest.

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