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söndag 6 juli 2014

Syrian Kurdistan News in brief

Syrian Kurdistan News in brief .
Qmişlo (Qamishli), Amude, Afrin, Derik - Hesekê (Hassaka) — Western Kurdistan (Syrian Kurdistan) aka Rojava (West)

4 YPG and YPJ Kurdish fighters fall in defence of Kobanê

Kobane: The Kurdish YPG (People’s Protection Units) press centre has announced the identity of the YPG and YPJ (Kurdish Women's Units) fighters who have lost their lives in clashes against Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) gunmen since 2 July. Stating that contact had been lost with a unit on 2 July and that 2 YPG and 2 YPJ fighters had lost their lives during the clashes, the press centre said that the fighters had been tortured and killed by ISIS. While clashes are continuing in the Kobanê region in Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava), especially in Zormixar village against ISIS, the Democratic Kurdish Party and Progressive Democrat Party and Democratic Kurdish Unity party of Syria have supported the mobilisation declared by the government of Kobanê. The executives of these Parties declared that they are ready for the defence of Kobanê against attacks.

PKK-KCK: Everyone must mobilise for Kobane


Qandil: The Kurdish Communities Union Executive Council Co-Presidency has called on all forces in the 4 parts of Kurdistan to support the general mobilisation declared by the Kobane Canton administration in Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava). Calling for utmost attention to the developments in Rojava, KCK said: “We call on primarily the patriotic youth in Turkish Kurdistan, the revolutionary youth in Iraqi Kurdistan, Iranian Kurdistan and Syrian Kurdistan and all our people to strongly respond to the call for general mobilisation made by the Kobane Canton and to mobilise en masse.” KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency has issued a statement on the resistance that continues in Kobane against the attacks of ISIS since 2 July. KCK stated that "the attacks of ISIS on Mosul and its attempt to destroy the Syrian Kurdistan revolution by imposing a siege on Kobane are being strategically carried out in the line of dirty and dangerous plans," adding that the counter-revolutionary attacks will possibly increase against Rojava as the anniversary of the revolution, 19 July, approaches.

ISIS militants kill 16 Syrian Kurdish forces

Kobane: The al-Qaeda linked Islamic-jihadists from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ISIS killed 16 Syrian Kurdish forces in western Kobani after the Kurdish forces lost contact with command center and ambushed by the militants, Hawar News said. Kobani is one of the three cantons that Syrian Kurds have established in Syrian Kurdistan region (Rojava) after Assad's forces withdrew from the Kurdish regions at the beginning of Syria civil war to boost position against the armed oppositions. Pro-PKK media reported the Kurdish forces of People Defense Units (YPG) have defeated the militants but Rudaw TV reported the ISIS forces have seized control of three villages near Kobani. The YPG command center released today the image of the slain forces. The center added 350 militants have been killed in the battle.

Turkish support for ISIS continues

Aleppo: Hajji Ahmed Kurdi, the leader of the Jabhat al-Akrad (Kurdish Front Brigade) which is fighting ISIS around the city of Aleppo, has accused Turkey of continuing to support ISIS. Hajji Ahmed Kurdi said that ISIS has re-commenced its operations around Aleppo following its capture of Mosul, and was trying to recapture the town of Azaz, near the Turkish border. He said: "We clashed with this group around Aleppo on several fronts. They were evicted from Azaz and surrounding villages, but now they are trying to retake them. ISIS is working together with organisations like the al-Nusra Front and Liwa al-Tawhid. There are around 700 to 800 fighters of these organisations in the Azaz area and we consider them to be part of ISIS."  Hajji Ahmed Kurdi said that his organisation had been fighting ISIS in the Azaz area for the last 3 weeks, adding: "the Free Syrian Army and the Islamic Front are disintegrating and we are the only group that is resisting them."

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