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lördag 26 juli 2014

ISIS threatens to forcibly Islamise Yazidi Kurds in Iraq's Sinjar

ISIS threatens to forcibly Islamise Yazidi Kurds in Iraq's Sinjar .
INJAR, Northwest Iraq,— The al-Qaeda linked Islamic-jihadists from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ISIS being used by international forces against the gains of the Kurdish people are now issuing threats against the Yazidi Kurdish population of Sinjar.

ISIS has distributed leaflets in the Kurdish town of Sinjar threatening to forcibly convert the local population to Islam.

Following the capture of Mosul by ISIS the organisation has begun to target the Yazidi, Shabak and Christian communities of the Nineveh region. 

Gangs which last week attacked the villages of Girzerik and Guhbel in the Tilbenat district of Sinjar are now distributing threatening leaflets in Sinjar town.

Former Member of the European Parliament, Feleknaz Uca, recalling the massacre of 400 Yazidi Kurds in 2007, said there is the threat of a similar massacre being carried out today.

She said the ISIS militants had distributed leaflets inviting the people to become Moslems, adding: "I gather the leaflets say" 'we will come to drink your tea on the day of the feast, there is no need to kill you, we are establishing an Islamic state, you will have to become Moslems.'"    

Uca recalled that Turkey's imprisoned Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan had drawn attention to the defence of Yazidis in 2007, emphasising that Sinjar's only option was to consolidate its defences. She said; “Sinjar is a city of Kurdistan. If there is an attack on Sinjar it will become a cemetery of thousands. If Sinjar falls, the resistance epic of Derwishe Edule will also fall", adding that all Kurdish forces must make efforts towards the defence of this region. 

The Yazidis are a dominant group, linked to Zoroastrianism and Sufism, in the northwest region, a historically oppressed people who speak Kurdish and are ethnically Kurd but follow their own religion. In fact, they are reputed to be devil worshippers, not just by Iraqi Muslims but they’ve been characterized that way by Western scholars over the years.

The Yazidis are a Kurdish religious group linked to Zoroastrianism and Sufism. Over 350,000 Yazidi Kurds live in villages around Mosul near Kurdistan autonomous region border, with additional communities in Transcaucasia, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, and Syria, estimated to over 600,000 worldwide. 

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