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söndag 13 juli 2014

Iranian Kurdistan News in brief

Iranian Kurdistan News in brief .
Mariwan - Mehabad - Sanandaj (Sne) - Baneh - Saqiz - Paweh- Kermanshan - Urmiyê (Orumiye), Nowsud, Sardasht, Bokan, Paweh [Eastern Kurdistan, Iranian Kurdistan]

Three Kurdish youth sentenced to imprisonments

Sne: Miad Ahmadi, Ezat Golparipour and Shaho Heidari, three young Kurds from Sne city (Sanandaj) in Iranian Kurdistan region (Rojhelat) were sentenced to imprisonment and fines. According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), these three civilians in joint case which was formed with their arrestment in March eventually faced a prison and fine sentence. According to a written order that was issued by branch 4, Revolutionary Court of Sanandaj, Miad Ahmadi has been sentenced to 2 years, imprisonment which is suspended for 5 years and 50 million Rials fine. Formerly, in a report had noted that he was sentenced to 5 years suspended imprisonment that we hereby correct it. Also, Ezat Golparipour and Shaho Heidari, two other Sanandaj Kurdish youth have been sentenced to 3 months imprisonment but they have been temporarily released on 1 billion Rial bail. These three Sanandaji civilians were arrested in first March this year by security forces and after spending one month in Sanandaj Intelligence Bureau they were transferred to the central prison of Sanandaj and then they were released on bail. It has been told that the charges which Miad Ahmadi, Ezat Golparipour and Shaho Heidari were tried with were “action against National Security” and “Relationship with one of Kurdish parties”. |


Kurdish prisoner deprived of medical treatment

Seqiz: Aram Mikaeli, a Kurdish prisoner of conscience detained in Sagiz Central Prison, Kurdistan region of Iran (Rojhelat), has been deprived of medical treatment despite suffering from numerous medical conditions. According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), despite the judicial authorities approving a period of medical leave for Aram to receive medical treatment, the security forces have prevented the decision from being enforced. He is suffering from severe stomach ulcers, sciatica and severe joint pain in his feet. These medical conditions can be easily managed through medication, and the refusal by the security forces to provide adequate medical care has caused him unnecessary pain and suffering. Aram Mikaeli was active in preaching Sunni Islam in his Kurdish village in Seqiz and discussing religious issues in the local mosque. He was arrested in Seqiz by Intelligence agents on 14 November 2010 whilst distributing rice to the poor on the night of Arafat, in preparation for the day of Eid. He was held in solitary confinement for 17 months in the Ministry of Intelligence, before being sentenced to nine years imprisonment by the Revolutionary Court under the pretext of ‘supporting Salafi groups.’ Aram Mikaeli has endured numerous incidents of discrimination from the prison authorities. In August 2013, he and another prisoner were forced to spend at least 10 days in the prison quarantine after they refused to obey prison officials who had ordered them to shave their heads and beards. In December 2013 he was forced to spend more than a week in solitary confinement after refusing to obey prison officials who ordered him to stop teaching Qur’an classes within the prison. He was also in trouble for organizing congregational Eid prayers for the |

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