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torsdag 10 juli 2014

Syrian Kurdistan News in brief

Syrian Kurdistan News in brief
Qmişlo (Qamishli), Amude, Afrin, Derik - Hesekê (Hassaka) — Western Kurdistan (Syrian Kurdistan) aka Rojava (West)

Kurdish YPG-YPJ forces clean all over ISIS militants around Kobanê

Kobane: In the eastern part of the Kobanê Canton of Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava) the Kurdish YPG/YPJ forces and the people are waging a total resistance to the assaults of ISIS Islamic-jihadists. ISIS is carrying its casualties to Tel Abyad and south to Raqqa. Ibrahim Muslim, from the Tel Abyad Civil Society Union, told the Hawar News Agency that more than a thousand members of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Sham) gunmen launched attacks at 3 in the morning yesterday on the village of Evdiko. Local sources said ISIS attacked with 4 tanks, many armoured vehicles, panzer, artillery and mortars. The YPG (People's Protection Units) and YPJ (Women's Protection Units) fighters defending these villages responded, leading to clashes that are still continuing and increasing in intensity. While over 100 Islamists are reported killed, dozens are also said to have been wounded. 2 tanks were destroyed by YPG/YPJ fighters, increasing the total of tanks put out of action in the area to 4. Eleven YPG/YPJ fighters are also reported to have died in the clashes in the area. Sources close to the YPG said that the gangs have suffered heavy casualties, which they have taken by tank to the towns of Raqqa and Tel Abyad. Dozens of wounded are reported to have been taken to hospitals in these towns. Clashes are continuing to rage in the

Syrian opposition elects Hadi al-Bahra as new leader, Kurdish Bashar as deputy

Istanbul: The Syrian National Coalition on July 9 elected Syrian opposition figure Hadi al-Bahra as its new president and Kurdish Abdulhakim Bashar as its first deputy.  "Hadi al-Bahra was elected president of the coalition with 62 votes," the coalition said in a statement on its Facebook page after the early morning vote at the meeting in the Black Sea resort of Sile outside Istanbul in Turkey. Bahra succeeds Ahmad Jarba, who headed the coalition from July 2013 but failed in efforts to unite the opposition and obtain significant Western military support. Bahra was born in Damascus in 1959, and spent most of his adult life in Saudi Arabia, where he managed several hospitals and businesses. He headed the opposition delegation to the failed Geneva 2 talks between the opposition and the regime in Switzerland earlier this year. The Syrian opposition has been riven by internal conflicts linked to disputes between its main foreign sponsors, notably Saudi Arabia and its influential Gulf Arab neighbor Qatar.

Workers want to return to Syrian Kurdistan's Kobanê, their wages not being paid!

Erbil: While the barbaric attacks of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) jihadists are going on, Syrian Kurdistan's refugees are trying to return to from both Iraq's Kurdistan Region and Turkey to support the resistance in Kobanê Canton. A great number of workers, who are the citizens of Kobanê Canton of Syrian Kurdistan, want to return from Iraqi Kurdistan Region's capital Erbil to Rojava. However, their comebacks are being inhibited on grounds of various motives for a long time. Some workers, who did not want to give their names as for their life saves, stated that their wages are not being paid consciously for a long time. The workers underlined: "Especially, after the recent barbaric attacks of ISIS gunmen, we wanted to return to Kobanê to support resistance and struggle against the ISIS militants. They did not payout wages again. Lots of workers gave up from their wages. We wanted only little money, which is our right, to return to Syrian Kurdistan. They did not give even the money for road. It's understood that this policy is being done in conscious way. At the present, lots of people left their workplaces. They are asking to return. But they are not giving our right and trying to inhibit our returns." The workers demanded their wages to support and join in the Kobanê resistance. diclehaber |

Assad forces bomb Sheik Maqsood: 3 children wounded

Aleppo: Syrian regime forces bombed with tank shells Sheik Maqsood district leaving 3 children wounded and a huge damage of properties. The regime forces bombed the district Wednesday and the shell fell down on civilians’ houses leaving 3 children wounded when they were playing on the street and they were taken to Kurdish Red Crescent dispensary in the district. One of the children who was in bad health was taken to Efrîn Hospital in Efrîn Canton in Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava). Children’s names are Sara (6 years-old), Jaklin Dhli (7 years-old), Morad Dhli (5 years-old).

Turkey's Kurdish MPs and mayors in solidarity march to Syrian Kurdistan's Kobanê border

Urfa: Turkey's elected representatives of the people of Turkish Kurdistan have begun a march to the Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava) border in solidarity with the resistance in Kobanê. HDP co-president Figen Yüksekdağ, BDP and HDP MPs, mayors, local assembly members were amongst thousands of people who gathered in the town of Suruç to march to the border in support of the people of Kobanê, who have been under attack by ISIS since 2 July. HDP co-president Figen Yüksekdağ, Mardin MP Gülseren Yıldırım, Amed MP Nursel Aydoğan, Muş MP Demir Çelik, Şırnak MP Faysal Sarıyıldız, İbrahim Binici, Amed Municipal co-mayors Gultan Kışanak were amongst thousands of people who set out for the village of Ziyaret (Zareta Serxet) in Birecik

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