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fredag 29 januari 2016

Kurdish YPS : 17 members of Erdogan-Gang (terrorist turkish-special forces) killed in Sur,turkish Kurdistan

Kurdish YPS : 17 members of Erdogan-Gang (terrorist turkish-special forces) killed in Sur,turkish Kurdistan

The General Coordination of Civil Defense Units (Yekîneyên Parastina
Sivîl, YPS) has released a statement reporting about the ongoing all-out
war of the AKP government against the areas of self-rule in North

YPS General Coordination said civil defense units mounted historic
resistance against the attacks, and provided the following details
regarding the ongoing fighting in Amed's central Sur district;

One soldier was killed upon YPS units' intervention on a group of
Turkish forces that attempted to infiltrate around Cumhuriyet School on
27 January. One other soldier was killed in clashes that erupted in this
area, while the driver of a tank on move was also shot dead.

At 16:00 the same day, YPS units hit a group of soldiers that
similarly attempted to enter into Hasırlı neighborhood, which left 3 of
them dead and many others wounded.

Clashes also broke out near Foor-Footed Minaret where 2 members of Turkish forces were killed.

In another action, YPS hit another Turkish unit near Yoğurt Pazarı at
13:00 yesterday, as a result of which 1 lieutenant and 3 soldiers were

Two more Turkish security members were killed on Ahmet Arif Street,
while another action by YPS left 3 others dead and many wounded near
Kurşunlu Mosque.

YPS noted that a total of 17 members of Turkish forces were killed in
yesterday's actions in Sur district, while Civil Defense Units suffered
no casualties. According to the statement, Turkish forces have been
rendered ineffective across 5 neighborhoods in the district.

Stressing that the occupant and dictatorial regime's hegemony in
North Kurdistan has been broken as the will for self-rule, which began
under the leadership of YDG-H and endures with a stronger organisation
today, has now spread across the Kurdish region on the basis of
self-defense against acts of occupation.

YPS General Coordination vowed to confront every attack by the
fascist regime and other occupant forces in every inch of Kurdistan, and
called upon the Kurdish people and all revolutionary and democrat
circles to step up the struggle for the attainment of freedom and a free

Sur ,today :


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