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fredag 29 januari 2016

stop turkish terrorist state Building where dozens remain trapped targeted by mortar attack

stop turkish terrorist state

Building where dozens remain trapped targeted by mortar attack.

Torture continues against dozens of slain and wounded civilians who remain trapped in a basement of a largely demolished building in Cizre’s Cudi neighborhood for one week. Six of the wounded have bled to death so far and the other 19 wounded are still waiting for an ambulance, 5 of them being in life-threatening condition.

Earlier today, two ambulances of Cizre Municipality once again attempted to enter the area to reach the casualties. Armored vehicles stopped both ambulances at the beginning of the Nusaybin Street where the wounded remain out of reach. The ambulances were later forced to return, for the fifth time today, on the grounds of “clashes” in the area. In the meantime, local sources report that there have taken place no clashes in the town during the past several days.
Turkish military and police forces deployed in the area started an intense mortar attack on the building and surroundings after the return of ambulances.
DBP Party Assembly Member Mehmet Yavuzer, who is among those suffering wounds, said the followings in a SMS he sent to HDP MP Faysal Sarıyıldız who is also in the town; “The building has been hit by 7 mortar shells. We cannot hear the others.”
Reports also say that the ongoing aggression is making it difficult for those in the basement to breath under ruins.
Bodies of six people who died there also remain in the basement alongside 19 wounded people, 5 of whom are in critical condition, without water or any other liquid for three uninterrupted days. There is also no means available to dress the wounds.
Yavuzer wrote the following message to Sarıyıldız earlier today; “I will kill myself. It is enough now. I don’t want to hear any more scream for water. Water, heval, just wate

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