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onsdag 17 februari 2016

Journalist in Sur warns against an imminent massacre like in Cizre

Journalist in Sur warns against an imminent massacre like in Cizre
It came out today that people in Amed's Sur district where a state of siege continues for 78 days are facing a threat of an imminent massacre like the one perpetrated in Şırnak's Cizre district 10 days ago.
Some 150 people had taken shelter in three basements in Cudi and Sur neighborhoods of Cizre amid intensified artillery attacks by Turkish forces.

 While the trapped people had been awaiting evacuation for days, as was widely covered by Kurdish and opponent press, state forces conducted an offensive on these basements which ended up in a savage massacre of dozens who were mostly burned to death and their bodies were scattered around in pieces. A total of 145 corpses have been retrieved from the scenes so far, and many of these are yet to be identified from among completely burnt and dismembered bodies. Two more dead bodies have been found in Cudi neighborhood today.
In the wake of this savage massacre which was committed 10 days ago, Turkish state is preparing for a similar massacre in Sur where attacks by state forces are getting heavier every passing day.
DİHA reporter Mazlum Dolan who is in Sur at the moment stated that some families have taken refuge in the basement of a building in the face of the intensified attacks by Turkish military and police forces.
Dolan said the followings in a SMS he sent from the basement where he is sheltered now; "The situation is bad. We are in a basement together with families. A massacre similar to Cizre could take place here very soon. Heavy clashes are going on, and the area where we are is being bombed intensely by mortar and tank strikes. They (state forces) are making announcements, saying "We will conduct airstrikes and kill you all". Take care of yourselves

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