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onsdag 24 februari 2016

There are Turkish policy role playing dirty against the Kurdish people in northern Syria

There are Turkish policy dirty role playing  against the Kurdish people in northern Syria
YPG does not have any contact with Syria's regime is a sick propaganda of the Turkish side against the Kurdish democratic movement in rojava. northern Syria.

It is difficult to make the outside world about the Kurdish political movement.
YPG war not against those that do not attack us Kurdish people for them to be Assad's regime or the rebels. YPG has not to do with the Assad regime. YPG only to defend his people from them the terror organization.
We Kurds especially YPG protecting our people in northern Syria believes that the Assad regime as an enemy we can not believe in Assad's regime end up with your dirty propaganda against the YPG.
first hand Newroz is not the Iranian new year's Eve and Newroz is the Kurdish original new years evening.
If you would like more information Masoud Barzani had good relations with Saddam Hussien until the date that Saddam's regime struck down by the US why no one newspaper wrote about the relationship between Barzani and Saddam? because Masoud Barzani collaborated with the Turkish regime against the Kurdish movement.
So you can read the articles as Turkish supporters wrote dirty things about the Kurdish democratic movement in northern Syria on this magazine

The myth of the plucky Kurdish warrior

Our favourite allies in Iraq and Syria have problems and divisions of their own

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