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söndag 21 februari 2016

Kurdish YPG & Allies Liberate Shaddadi from ISIS, Combat Footage

Kurdish YPG & Allies Liberate Shaddadi from ISIS, Combat Footage
SDF & YPG Kurdish Forces liberated Shaddadi, a major strategic town in Northern Syria, from the Turkish and Saudi-backed gang members. Over 100 ISIS terrorists were killed in this successful ''blitz'' operation, while the Kurds and their allies lost 8 of their own.

This video shows some combat footage, including an ISIS-truck being hit bit a mortar shell. The Al-Shaddadi offensive started on February 16th, 2016. So far, over 110 villages and hamlets and the town of Shaddadi have been liberated by the Kurds and their allies.

The Turkish regime is getting increasingly more desperate and has demanded the United States to choose a side; them, or the Kurds. The Kurds are the most effective force battling ISIS and other Islamist groups. The Turks, on the other hand, are one of the most extremist and islamist people in the Middle-East. They still deny the Armenian genocide because according to them the massacre of up to 3 million Christians was justified.

Will the United States side with the Kurds, or will the United States side with the terrorist-supporting, genocide-committing Turkish nation for strategic and geopolitical reasons?

The Battle for Syria goes on.


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