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måndag 15 februari 2016

Stop Turkey's War on the Kurds! and stop turkish violence against kurdish people

Stop Turkey's War on the Kurds! and stop turkish violence against kurdish people
Break the Silence!
The Turkish state has launched an unprecedented extraordinarily brutal war against Kurdish cities that voted overwhelmingly for the Kurdish party in the last Turkish elections in what Amnesty International has called ‘collective punishment’ against the Kurds for voting against Tayip Erdogan’s drive for dictatorial presidential powers.

A full scale military assault on civilian areas is underway as the Kurdish cities of Cizre, Silopi, Sur and others are turned into rubble with widespread war crimes and crimes against humanity occurring. Groups of civilians have been burnt alive while seeking shelter and 100’s of others left to bleed to death in basements after being shot by snipers who have been given a ‘license to kill’ by the Turkish govt.
The Turkish government is also punishing the Kurds for defeating ISIS in Syria where Erdogan had been using ISIS against the Kurds who are building a radical progressive representative democracy in Rojava (N. Syria) based upon gender equality and communalism.
Rather than fighting ISIS, Turkey has turned the full force of the Turkish state against the Kurds, implementing a full-scale war of annihilation, targeting any and all public expressions of political demands of the Kurds and labeling everyone who protests as terrorists.
As 36 Kurdish civilians were bleeding to death in a basement in Cizre David Cameron, publicly welcomed the Turkish prime minister to 10 Downing Street. It was left to a group of Kurdish activists to throw themselves in front of the Turkish Prime Minister's car to protest at these war crimes occurring in Kurdish cities.
Turkey has turned it’s back on peace with the Kurds and are implementing a war of annihilation with the support of Western leaders and governments.
Turkey stands on the brink of full-scale civil war if there is no intervention or pressure brought to bear on the Turkish government.
But pressure can only be exerted if the general public is aware of what is happening and our media and politicians are also turning a blind eye to Turkey’s war crimes!
This is why our demonstration is so important!
Help us to ‘Break the Silence’ expose and 'Stop Turkey’s War on the Kurds’.
Help us build and join our demonstration and tell the UK government we support a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Turkey between the Turkish government and the Kurdish population.
You can find more details on our new website with details of coaches and contacts for regions around the UK.
We urgently need YOU to organize in YOUR area, meet with friends/colleagues/comrades and book a coach and organize many people to join with their banners and support.

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