About 100 members and supporters of Manitoba’s Kurdish people gathered outside the outside the Legislative Building to speak out about on violence against their people.

Several protesters held signs with messages critical of Tukey and its government, particularly Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan.
Some signs bore messages like, “Turkey out of Kurdistan,” while others showed Erdogan’s face and messages accusing him of working with ISIS to kill Kurds.
It is very important for us because our country and cities under siege of Turkish government…Some cities have been under the Turkish siege over 70, 80 days,” said Nametullah Emre, vice president of Kurdish Association of Manitoba.
“We hope the government of Canada and all the world hear our voice. That we are alone there  and the Turks are hiding, killing with these massacres, nobody knows about them, because all of the towns are under siege.”
Organizers said more than 500 Kurdish civilians have been killed over the last several weeks in Turkey and Syria.