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lördag 11 mars 2017

Êzidîs issue a joint call and demand on Shengal

Êzidîs issue a joint call and demand on Shengal
Êzidî Democratic Society Coordination comprised of 16 parties, NGOs and institutions demanded the recognition of Shengal's status and its self-administration and self-defense forces.


Êzidî Democratic Society Coordination comprised of 16 parties, NGOs and institutions in Shengal, North Kurdistan, Rojava, Europe, Russia and Armenia released a written statement calling for the enhancement of struggle for the Êzidî people and all Kurdistan.

The statement by the Êzidî Democratic Society Coordination recalled that: “On March 3, 2017 some gang groups attacked Shengal's Khanasor town and attempted to perpetrate a massacre. In response, Êzîdxan's defense forces YBŞ/YJŞ and all our people resisted and averted a massacre. As result of this attack, 7 fighters of ours fell as martyrs by making their bodies a shield against the aggression. We salute this resistance with respect.”


The statement continued; "The status quoist, colonialist and dominant powers fearing that their end is near are in a deadlock. We treat this latest attack on Khanasor in this framework and a part of this plan.

It grabs attention that this attack was launched after meetings with Turkish officials, and this attack was planned during those talks. Those involved in the aggression included members of Turkish intelligence MIT and gangs that had taken part in the 73rd massacre against Êzidîs."


Pointing out the attacking groups' claim to protect the Shengal-Rojava border, the Coordination said this area was not held by ISIS and there was nothing to protect there, asking; "Where were you during the 73rd massacre against the Êzidî community in Shengal on August 3, 2014 when ISIS attacked Shengal and its villages, which resulted in the massacre or abduction of thousands, migration of masses and immoral and inhuman practices against the Êzidî people?"

The statement underlined that: "During this process, Iraqi forces and peshmergas left us alone and fled in the face of the savage attacks of the gangs. 12 thousand peshmergas retreated from Shengal and left the people there alone. Those who fled then are a reason for the perpetration of this massacre."


Êzidî Democratic Society Coordination stressed that it was YPG/YPJ and HPG guerrillas that came to their rescue, opened a corridor and saved thousands of Êzidîs, noting; “Êzidî people have suffered 73 massacres in their history and have no trust left in external powers.”


The statement continued; "During the past two years Êzidî people have rebuilt their will in their land. In addition to defense forces, they rebuilt themselves with in political, social, cultural and religious aspect, they formed their institutions. Khanasor is the center of these reconstruction and it is not depended on any side. These attacks reveal that what is targeted is the will of free Êzidî people. The assailants know very well that the emergence of this will means an end to their interests. This is why they made a plan and attempted to besiege Shengal once again.

Our people treat every policy pursued over Shengal with a doubt, and they are right to do so after all the massacres they have been through. We want no other force on our lands. We have a human and global right to govern and defend ourselves."


On this basis, Êzidî Democratic Society Coordination called on the Êzidî people in their holy land, and the Êzidîs in four parts of Kurdistan and abroad to unite under free will and to make their attitude clear, saying; “We should never forget that we cannot defend ourselves and procure acceptance unless we are united. The attack on Khanasor has made some things clear; the attacking groups still stand in the same place and continue to pose a danger. This danger will remain as long as they remain there. For this reason, our people should stand up until these forces retreat, and make the voice of Shengal heard by all international institutions and organisations.

We call on all the peoples in Kurdistan to be aware of the fact that this is not the problem of the Êzidî people alone. It is the problem and a matter of honour for all Kurdistan. All political parties, institutions and organisation, mainly those in South Kurdistan, should obviate this betrayal because these policies only serve the enemies of the Kurdish people.

On the other hand, as this attack also targets the Nineveh culture, we call on Assyrian, Syriac, Turkmen, Kakai, Shabak, Shia and Arab peoples to struggle together with the Êzidî people against the enemy that aims a massacre and assimilation."


Êzidî Democratic Society Coordination urged international institutions and organisations to not remain silent on these attacks that aim t

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