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tisdag 21 mars 2017

German Kurds stage anti-Erdogan protest in Frankfurt

German Kurds stage anti-Erdogan protest in Frankfurt

German Kurds have taken to the streets of Frankfurt to protest against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Tens of thousands voiced their opposition to next months Turkish referendum on greater presidential powers and demanded a ‘NO’ vote to changes in the constitution.

Thousands of Kurds protest Erdogan, Turkish referendum in Germany’s Frankfurt (PHOTOS,…— Daily Sun News (@dailysunnewspk) March 19, 2017

One protester explained.“First of all we demand freedom for PKK politician Abdullah Ocalan and then for the oppressed Kurdish people. And of course we want to raise our voice against Erdogan and his referendum in April. We are strictly against it.”

Turkey condemned the gathering as “unacceptable” and accused Germany of hypocrisy for allowing it.

Thousands of Kurds attend Newroz Festival in Frankfurt, #Germany#twitterkurds #Kurdistan #Turkey #Rojava #YPG #Nowruz #nouruz HosengHesen— curdistani (curdistani) March 18, 2017

Erdogan has been incensed by decisions taken by the Dutch and German governments to refuse Turkish ministers to hold pro-government rallies in both countries. 

About 1.4 million Turks in Germany can vote in the April referendum.

The demonstration was linked to the ancient festival of Newroz.

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