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onsdag 22 mars 2017

YBS-YJS Command: ISIS attack in Shengal has been broken

YBS-YJS Command: ISIS attack in Shengal has been broken
YBS/YJS Command announced that the attacks by ISIS gangs launched on March 21 have been broken.

Shengal Resistance Units (YBS) and Shengal Women’s Units (YJS) Command issued a written statement and gave detailed information on the attacks ISIS gangs launched on March 21.

The statement says at least 11 gang members were killed in the ensuing clashes and 1 HPG guerilla lost his life.

The information provided by the YBS-YJS Command is as follows:

“An extensive attack was launched by the ISIS gangs on March 21 by midnight on YBŞ positions in Skiniye and Hayale. Intense clashes continued into the noon hours near Tewra village, 8 km to the southwest of Hayale and Skiniye villages and the center of gang attacks, when our forces retaliated. In actions by our forces against the gang attacks, 11 ISIS gang members have been confirmed dead. Their casualties are more than this. The spots the gangs positioned in were effectively hit by artilleries and several gang positions were destroyed. 4 vehicles belonging to the gangs and 1 Diron type scout vehicle was downed. A group of HPG guerillas arrived in the area to intervene when the clashes intensified and Rüstem Cudi fell martyr, fighting to his last bullet. As a result of actions our forces implemented, the gangs’ attacks were broken and they had to retreat.”

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