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måndag 27 mars 2017

Êzidîs reach Brussels, call on Europe to recognize Shengal's status

Êzidîs reach Brussels, call on Europe to recognize Shengal's status
Participants of the “Status for Shengal” march launched from Dusseldorf have reached Brussels where they called on European authorities to act for Shengal and ensure the withdrawal of the gangs attacking the Êzidî land.
Monday, March 27, 2017 5:00 PM

Êzidîs in Europe that started a march from the NRW State Parliament in Dusseldorf, Germany to Brussels on March 20 in order to protest the AKP-KDP's attacks on Shengal and demand the recognition of Shengal's political status have reached the Belgium capital, Brussels today afternoon. During the past eight days, Êzidîs marched through Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium and covered a total of 192 kilometers.

Participants of the march have gathered in front of the Council of Europe in Brussels and held a demonstration which was also attended by parliamentarians and representatives of various institutions.

Shengal Diaspora Assembly Co-President Fikret İğrek and Pêşîmam Ekrem Deniz made a statement in front of the Council of Europe on behalf of the Êzidîs.

The statement recalled the ISIS attack on Shengal on August 3, 2014, and said the followings:

"The 11 thousand peshmergas of the KDP that were in Shengal at the time retreated without resisting, and left the Êzidî people into the hands of ISIS. Afterwards, YPG and HPG forces opened a corridor and saved thousands of Êzidi women and children from being massacred. After that time, Êzidî society organized themselves and started works for self-administration, in line with which they began to establish self-defense forces. They formed YBŞ, YJŞ and the Êzidî Assembly. They established their own system. The forces that left Êzidîs alone that day want to occupy Shengal now. We see this attempt as a follow-up of the 3 August 2014's genocide, and a second betrayal against Êzidîs. The 'Roj Peshmergas' deployed in Shengal are ISIS gangs and Turkish intelligence (MIT) members. The fact that this attack was launched after Masoud Barzani's visit to Ankara is a clear indication of this. We as Êzidîs do not want traitors on our land. We will not give the lands of our ancestors to these traitors."

Êzidîs said the forces that attacked Shengal's Khanasor town on March 3 used the weapons Germany had given to KDP, noting that seven people lost their lives in these attack.

Speaking on behalf of the Êzidî Women's Assembly, Songül Talay demanded that a delegation of women from Europe go to Shengal where women suffer the most from the attacks.

HDP Amed MP Feleknas Uca who attended the demonstration also condemned the attacks on Êzidîs, saying the followings: "Despite 74 genocides they have suffered throughout history, our people did never surrender and they will never. The resistance they mounted in the past will continue today as well. We will continue our efforts in order for Shengal to have status. We call on the European Union to act on this matter."

Speaking after, HDP Mardin MP Ali Atalan called on the United Nations and European Union institutions to recognize their demands.

"The Êzidîs taking part in this march are the conscience of all of us", Atalan said, emphasising that KDP and AKP are the same with ISIS to them. He urged KDP's withdrawal from Shengal.

Following the demonstration, a delegation from participants of the march held a meeting with EU parliamentarians and submitted them a file consisting of their demands, addressing to the EU institutions and the UN, which are as follows;

- Intervention on the gangs attacking Shengal in order for their withdrawal from the region,

- Visit to Shengal by an independent delegation to investigate the use of the weapons given by Germany to the KDP,

- Recognition of YBŞ and YJŞ as the defense forces of Êzidxan [Êzidî Land],

- Implementation of the EU decision made on 26.10.2016 that recognizes Shengal's autonomy,

- Declaration of Shengal as security zone by the UN,

- Recognition of what has been done to Êzidîs as genocide, and trial of those responsible.

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