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söndag 12 mars 2017

Turkish army dispatches military forces to northern Iraq South Kurdistan

Turkish army dispatches military forces to  northern Iraq South Kurdistan
Turkish army has dispatched troops and military equipment to Sideqa area of South Kurdistan Sunday morning.
Sunday, March 12, 2017 1:55 PM

Local sources told ANF that Turkish army has dispatched 8 tank-type armored vehicles and a large number of soldiers to Sideqa area of Hewler through the Deraluq district of Duhok early Sunday morning. The Sideqa area is bordering the Medya Defense Zones held by the PKK.

The source said KDP forces beat and detained a shopkeeper who wanted to record and photograph the military dispatching.

While the Turkish state has also dispatched military equipment to Diyana hamlet for a while, its ally KDP of South Kurdistan has recently deployed forces in the Qesrê and Balayan regions in Qandil territory.

Locals recorded the reinforcements sent to the region by the Turkish army.

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