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lördag 26 december 2015

Assassination of a Kurdish journalist front of her mother by Turkish army

Assassination of a Kurdish journalist front of her mother by Turkish army
The Turkish army enter her home like they have done to the other 100 civillians who were killed this week. A private property, without a warrant. Her only fault was being Kurdish journalist, writing about how Erdogan's family bought oil from the Islamic State. This was simply a deliberate, careless, racist and ruthless act of Turkish army. She is one of 100 other civilians who were shot in their home front of their family. The western media won't talk about this because they don't want to show the true color of some NATO members.

Merry Christmas.

This leaked Footage show the killing of Dilek Doğan, 24 year old Kurdish-Alevi activist who was shot at her home in Istanbul in front of her family during Turkish Police raid. Following the shooting, Turkish media alleged that she has been killed in armed clashes with the police and called her "Terrorist". This footage from the police camera record the moment Dilek was killed and the panic of the family. The family staged a press conference to show the film to the press. While policemen were searching the house, a special operations police shot 24-year-old Dilek Doğan with his rifle at the entrance of her home, after she had insisted that officers put on galoshes to avoid dirtying the floor. The police officer claimed in his testimony that she had resisted them and provoked them. “The police jumped into our home and shot my daughter. I know the police officer’s face. They should bring my daughter’s murderer here. They’re cowards, these people. I will not be cowed, I will find the killer,” said her mother, Aysel Doğan, during her funeral ceremony.

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