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onsdag 30 december 2015

do you think it is right for Sweden to help a dictatorial and fascist regime of Turkey with 700 million kronor ??

do you think it is right for Sweden to help a dictatorial and fascist regime of Turkey with 700 million kronor ?? 

but Sweden does not want to go long with the UN human rights? whether Sweden should join the UN would never think of giving money to a government that kills every day small children older women in Turkey in northern Kurdistan.
Do you think it is right that Sweden should give the Turkish regime 700 million crowns? is Sweden with the UN and human rights ??? do you see what goes on in Turkey of Kurdish children and civilians ??
Swedish tax money to states that support the ISIS and kill people? No thanks!
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BRUSSELS. The European Commission wants to Sweden contributes SEK 700 million crowns to help Turkey take care of refugees.
- Now we give Turkey the respect and recognition for what you do, says the Prime Minister when he is about to enter the summit building Justus Lipsus.
On Sunday evening, the package was clear - provides nearly 30 billion in assistance to Turkey.
Now, the EU and Turkey hammer the aid package given by the Union country to tackle the current refugee situation.
On Sunday evening presented the EU top Tusk agreement at a press conference with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu - an agreement that gives Turkey almost 30 billion.
- Our agreement maps out a clear path for a temporally reasonable restoration of order at our shared border. We will also increase our support for Syrian refugees in Turkey through a new refugee investment of three billion euros, told Donald Tusk for the press call-up, according to AFP.
At the request of Turkey met again the EU's Heads of State and Government in Brussels in the afternoon. As was also attended by Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu.
Stefan Löfven arrived in Brussels at 13 o'clock at a pre-meeting that German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for.
As late as last Friday killed a Kurdish human rights activist Tahir Elci in Diyarbakir and the day before arrested two Turkish journalists, accused of espionage.
For EU leaders waited on Sunday because a delicate balancing act. On the one hand, they had to criticize the lack of human rights in Turkey, on the other hand, they must appeal to Turkey to take greater responsibility in the refugee crisis.

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Member States should contribute
The European Commission recently tabled a joint action plan that is to Turkey tightens control of its borders. For this compensated for the country with financial support from the EU to care for the 2.2 million Syrian refugees who today is there.
Three billion euros will be used for this. The idea is that the EU member countries to contribute according to their own economic capacity. For Sweden, with EUR 700 million.
Stefan Löfven wanted before the meeting did not discuss some sums.
- We will now discuss the conditions for this. On the one hand Turkey should take it upon themselves to have a better border management for people coming into Turkey, but also border controls vis-à-vis the EU. We must help each other to combat smuggling and create better conditions for the refugees in Turkey, with education and work, so that fewer people need to escape. In exchange, the EU will contribute resources, but exactly how much money and how it is distributed, we return to.
The pressure on Sweden to reduce
According to Stefan Löfven the pressure on Sweden to reduce Turkey must order at its border controls.
- Then of course, reduces the inflow to the EU in total and thus also to Sweden, he notes.
- Now we give Turkey the respect and recognition for what you do, for it is already over two million refugees there. They need more support, and we want to participate and contribute. Then there is also a problem in the EU. It does not work in the EU today, so we need to think about how it will work better.
On the question of what risks exist, given the human rights violations, involving more cooperation with Turkey, the answer is:
- Cooperation is good also that way. Now we open new chapters in the membership negotiations that contain exactly what we need to discuss, among other democratic rights and freedoms.

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