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torsdag 3 december 2015

Turkey buys ISIS Oil, US & UK Complicit

Turkey buys ISIS Oil, US & UK Complicit
Translated from German to English by Google:

The terror network Islamic State (IS) is financed through illegal oil sales and thus takes about three million dollars a day. Both the NATO member Turkey and the US intelligence community tolerate the oil smuggling implied. Even British corporations with close ties to the Parliament are involved in the business of the Islamists.
Finance close allies of the United States and Britain secretly the terrorist group Islamic State of (IS). The government of the Kurdistan Autonomous Region (ARK) in northern Iraq and the Turkish military intelligence have concealed IS-Oil smuggling supports and moreover supplies the terrorist group with weapons and equipment.Even British oil companies are involved in the illegal oil smuggling of IS.

One of the main resources of the IS is the oil-smuggling. The terrorist group controls about 60 percent of Syria's oil production and seven major oil fields in Iraq.Through a network of middlemen in the Kurdish Government and Turkey of IS could increase its production to 45,000 barrels of oil per day, which generates around 3 million dollars a day. Both the Turkish and the Kurdish government arguing officially each connection to oil smuggling from the IS. Both governments have taken action to stop oil smuggling and were supported by the US administration and the British government. Some Kurdish middlemen who were involved in the black market trading of captured oil, were arrested, but the corruption at the highest government level remains intact, as the investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed onMiddleEastEye reported.

Ahmed refers to statements of Turkish, Kurdish and Iraqi official. An anonymous source in the ruling party of Iraq, the Islamic Dawa party, confirmed to him that "demonstrate significant intelligence information that members of the Kurdish regional government have condoned oil sales of the IS on the black market".During the Iraq invasion of the IS in the last year "members of the Kurdish regional government and Peshmerga militias concealed IS-Oil smuggling enables directly by the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan." Were also the Middle East Monitor reported that the peshmerga had the oil smuggling of terrorists initially stopped , the passage of oil tankers would, however, allowed little again.

The government in Iraq are independent oil sales to the Kurdish government an eyesore. Therefore introduced the information that the Kurds are involved in the smuggling of oil-IS to political tensions. The former Iraqi Energy Minister Hussein al-Shahrestani wanted to regain control over the oil sales of ARK and put an end to smuggling, but he was dismissed at the insistence of American and Britishdiplomats. His successor Adel Abdul-Mehdi pursues a clearly conciliatory course in relation to the Kurdish question and so that oil conforms to the interests of British and American investors in the region. "This meant that Baghdad also significantly lax dealt with evidence of the IS-oil smuggling", Nafeez Ahmed quoted the Iraqi official.

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