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söndag 6 december 2015

Massoud Barzani should be tried as war criminals

Turkish troops came to northern Iraq through the help of Masoud Barzani. what would the Turkish military in Kurdistan what to do after free Mosul from Isis?
Turkey wants the occupy Mosul and soon, Turkey will say Mosul part of Turkey, because there is a lot of oil in Mosul.

other stuff that turkey dream to kill all PKK members and then ban the Kurdish language since assimilated Kurdish people.
right now for all the Kurds Masoud Barzani, a large country traitors collaborating with the dictatorial barbaric fascist regime against its people that occupied a large part of Kurdistan, northern Kurdistan.
Just a few days ago Turkey killed a Kurdish lawyer barzani be ashamed of Masoud Barzani to co-operate with the Turkish fascist regime against the Kurdish people.
yes we say so barzani a businessman, in his thought there is something called Kurdistan after all there are only Masoud Barzani considering money and not more, because he could easily sell the Kurdish people even Kurdish country.
I think that Masoud Barzani suffer major paranoid, and this man must visit a specially psychologist because Masoud Barzani suffer from strong mental illnesses, diseases that Saddam had.
I think he has to go to Europe or America for help because right now Masoud Barzani need urgent psychological help.
therefore, Masoud Barzani is a country traitor, he must be brought to trial in front of an international court, he fought  aginst the PUK, killing more than 15,000 people in Kurdistan from 1992 until 1998.
Massoud Barzani should be tried as war criminals.
Masoud Barzani has sold Shingal and Sanjar to Isis and we think that everything that has happened against the Kurdish Yazidis Masoud Barzani has been responsible for, he must put in front of an international court the right start.

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