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lördag 26 december 2015

Is Turkey safe place to visit? Mortar attack to airport in Istanbul.

Is Turkey safe place to visit? Mortar attack to airport in Istanbul.
On 23th December 2015, Istanbul's the second largest airport, Sabiha Gokcen (located on the Asian facing side of Istanbul) was attacked by mortar fire resulted one female cleaner death, five jet planes were heavily damaged and the airport was remarkably harmed as a result of the action. 

Turkey regime has no offical statement about explosion and try to conceal attack caused by mortar fire.

Today, Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (also known as the Kurdistan Freedom Hawks,
Teyrêbazên Azadiya Kurdistan, or TAK) has claimed responsibility for the
mortar attack.

The statement by TAK drew attention to the Kurdish people's brave
resistance against Erdogan-AKP dictatorship's war coalition with the
ISIS that aims an total displacement across Kurdistan by turning the
Kurdish lands into uninhabitable areas and forcing people to deportation
and emigration.

TAK added,

"The special media of Erdoğan and AKP is making an attempt to distort the
consequences of the action and thus to reflect Turkey's airspace as
safe. This attack by mortar shells will also be the beginning of our new
period of action. Neither the fascist Erdogan – AKP dictatorship, which
observes no moral norms in this war, nor its collaborators will be able
to live in that much peace in their own cities. From now onwards, we as
TAK will not be responsible for the security of the international
airlines to travel to Turkey and the foreign tourists not a citizen of
the Turkish state."

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