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onsdag 23 december 2015

War footage from YDGH-Camera in Sur,turkish Kurdistan

War footage from YDGH-Camera in Sur,turkish Kurdistan 
YDGH , kurdish PKK youth are nightmare of turkish terrorist army. they ressist since weeks against 10k soldiers . since 2 weeks turkish army with 10k soldiers and tanks helicopters cant see 1 victory against YDGH in sur ,cizre ,silopi and nusaybin. Turkish terrror army killing since weeks kurdish civilians because they cant fight kurdish Youth. 

Mothers,kids, 70 year-old men and women killed until now by turkish terrorist army in sur ,cizre and co. but ydgh still ressist and they are now nightmare of turkish terrorist army , 100-150 ydgh youth killing these turkish terrorist soldiers and special police ,since weeks . and they killed today 5 special police in cizre .and wait the old brothers : PKK guerillas will also join the fights :))

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