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söndag 13 december 2015

Israelis are our friends we follow humanity

Israelis are our friends we follow humanity
response to you who has written this coming of constants that's your thought all have free how to think and how to think we are different, I can not force you to think and feel exactly the way I think and feel we are in different situations, we do not the same situation you have written is not your name because you know who you are and in what situation are you, Israelis are not my enemy, if there is violence against the people of Israel, I do not want to go through this today what happens in Turkey, in Iran , Iran and all other countries do the same,,violence against people of Islamic countries is worse, the violence against the Kurdish people in Turkey, Iran and Syria,, even Islamic terrorists who behead people every day
  1. You cannot fight against violence and support Israel at the same time my friend, it is a contradiction in terms

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