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lördag 12 mars 2016

ANNA report from Aleppo Sheikh Maqsoud!

ANNA report from Aleppo Sheikh Maqsoud!.
Sheikh Maqsoud is north Kurdish part of city Aleppo hold by Kurdish militias!
Video made by ANNA reporters

0:00- 0:10 
we are in Sheikh Maqsoud part of city Aleppo which is under control of Kurdish militias!

0:10 - despite ceasefire level of infights do not drop here!
0:51 - just now landed shell in one of near street 
1:23 - today is 3 march
2:02 - Kid kid take kid
2:09 - Let's Check if house is empty
2:24 - There were two shot one of the shell fall here 
second on near house in neighbor street, luckily house were empty!
2:49 - another round fly just over our heads......this way.....fall but not exploded
3:21 - now we try find this not exploded shell
3:50 - here we have it here guys telling me to move low because sniper fire is active here only surounding walls protecting us! We can smell strong odor of gass

Rest of the video is example of weapons used by Daes against Kurds in this part of city and hospital footage!

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