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fredag 18 mars 2016

Newroz Organising Committee: We don’t recognise AKP’s ban

Newroz Organising Committee: We don’t recognise AKP’s ban.

The Newroz Organising Committee, which consists of DTK, HDK, HDP, DBP, KJA and DEM-GENÇ, has released a statement emphasizing that they will not recognize the AKP’s ban on Newroz celebrations, and events to mark the Kurdish New Year will take place as has been planned.

The statement pointed out that the AKP government’s prohibitive, restrictive and monist point of view towards Newroz celebrations had no moral and legal grounds in banning the festival of peoples and folks, the festival of spring and resurrection.
Calling attention to the bans imposed on Newroz celebrations in many cities, the Organising Committee said they will be in the areas and welcome the Newroz despite all the restrictions.
The Committee said events to mark Newroz will take place as has been organised, and people will welcome it outside in areas.
Newroz Organising Committee called upon the government to abandon this prohibitive approach, and invited all the people to embrace the spirit of Newroz and welcome it in areas with a spirit of resistance.

Source: Firat News Agency

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