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lördag 19 mars 2016

Saudi Arabia turns to Israel in order to topple the Shiite government in Iraq

Saudi Arabia turns to Israel in order to topple the Shiite government in Iraq

European diplomatic sources in London reveals the Associated Media 
Channel (AMC) that Saudi Arabia is financing a major project, which aims
to create dissension and discord among Shiite groups in Iraq. The 
project is led by the Saudi ambassador in Iraq Thamer Sabhan.
According to the source, Israel has accepted the role of being 
advisers to Saudi Arabia in security and activity in the region that 
also include Iraq. Israel has jumped into this project after Saudi 
Arabia listened to Israel by initiating the war in Yemen and when the 
six-member Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) named Hezbollah a terrorist 
Israel now contributes with useful tips and suggestions to Saudi 
Arabia with detailed planning to overthrow the Iraqi Shiite government 
which includes Sunnis and Kurds.
European diplomatic sources told the AMC that cooperation between 
Israel and Saudi Arabia includes daily communication and coordination 
through advanced closed communication network between the two states. 
Communication service is hosted and delivered by Israeli company 
The source says that there is a huge role for the secular, liberals 
and communists to participate in the Saudi project to topple the Shiite 
government in Iraq. The Liberal and secular power together with the 
Communists have visited Tel Aviv several times recently. The aim of 
these groups is to participate in demonstrations called by the cleric 
Moktada al-Sadr.
In reality, these group have only three members in the iraqi 
parliament, while the group to Moktada al-Sadr has 38 representative 
members in parliament.
Saudi Arabia goal is to influence the distribution of Iraq’s Shiites,
and to attract them to believe in the idea that Iran wants to occupy 
Iraq. Saudi Arabia is ready to support any political group, assuming 
they severed all relationships with Iran. It is the same goal that also 
Israel which.Source

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