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söndag 5 mars 2017

al jazeera lied again and again

al jazeera lied again and again
The Arabic channel Al Jazeera has broadcast a completely false news about Shingal's event.
The Arabic channel Al Jazeera as well known as mendacious and totally fake channel al-Jazeera news always someone has to pay for jazeera be sent to any falsehood news.
-Al Jazeera sent yesterday news that Turkish forces war against Iranian forces in talefer and Shingal.
 is certainly not one of the Iranian military or the Iraqi military in Shingal.
It means the Turkish regime, with most Kurdish Lands traitors Masoud Barzani wants to make a silent genocide against the Yazidi in Shingal again, because they are trying to buy Arab journalists to broadcast false news about what is happening in really in Shingal.
 it did just two years ago Isis the brutal Islamic terror organization when took Shingal and killed thousands of Yazidi people.
right now Erdogan and his friend would again today Shingal attack and kill the Yazidi people

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