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lördag 4 mars 2017

Brother-sister's authenticity or o authenticity?

Brother-sister's authenticity or o authenticity?
Anyone can not be my brothers or sisters just because he / she is talking migratory language or dress national costumes and have X or Y in the political or religious names.

Some go in the occupation star ster but are Kurds o appearance and dressed terms more Kurds than me and many other Kurds, but they are traitors in its meaning.
There are also indirect elements that are politically active but in fact, they are occupying the long arm of Kurdistan.
Are these individuals or political parties brethren as they see in the pictures?
All the images are Kurds but there is only one thing that can distinguish between, one is the enemy side and at the trial.
Some inexpensive sold Kurds who sell themselves cheaply to Kurdish enemy called Islam Peshmarga and genuine is Peshmerga and it's only Kurdish people who can distinguish between authentic and inauthentic.
All Kurds are not clean, and honest. All named Peshmerga does not mean the real Peshmerga. It's just their practice who can prove their authenticity.
What happened yesterday in Shingal show the genuineness and authenticity.
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