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fredag 3 mars 2017

KNK: The current state is against the interests of the Kurdistan peoples

KNK: The current state is against the interests of the Kurdistan peoples

Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) released a statement about the fighting in Shengal, South Kurdistan that erupted after the so-called “Peshmerga Forces” of the KDP attacked Xanesor town Friday morning.

Remarking that the attempt of the armed group gave rise to tension culminating and a confrontation between those armed men and the Shengal Defense Units (YPŞ), KNK said: “There had not been any reason or necessity for the outbreak of this incident. It took place, however, after the visit of Mr. Mesûd Barzanî to Ankara-Turkey; a fact which generates suspicion. Along with Kurdistan public opinion we are saddened with this episode.”
The statement by KNK underlined that:
“Xanesor and its surrounding areas belong to our Kurdish Yezîdî people. Right from the onset of the tragedy of Shengal to the present time, the wounds of this people have not been recovered, as, among other things, the vast majority of them have so far not been able to come back to their home town. This confrontation can serve as a start for another tragic event, resulting in further migration, for it can plunge the Kurds into a civil war.
Our history tells us that we, as the Kurdish people, have suffered a great deal from civil war. Conflict between Kurdish groups will weaken the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS) of Iraq and Syria as well as the whole Kurdish struggle against regional colonialism. Moreover, it will undermine efforts at national unification, making our enemies happy.
It is imperative that this conflict come into an abrupt end and all disputes be solved through dialogue and mutual understanding.”
The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) requested:
·An abrupt cessation to the hostility.
·All armed groups should go back to their previous military posts.
·To solve disputes, dialogues should be adopted and pursued.
KNK also called upon Kurdistan public opinion, including all Kurdish political circles and establishments, to do their utmost to ease the current tension and help find a peaceful solution.

Source: Firat News Agency

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