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onsdag 9 augusti 2017

53-year-old Kurdish woman jailed for “terrorist propaganda”

53-year-old Kurdish woman jailed for “terrorist propaganda”
Following her detention in Şırnak’s İdil district, Kurdish woman Ayşe Hezer has been jailed for spreading “terrorist propaganda”.

Early this morning, Turkish soldiers conducted raids on several houses in the village of Sulak (Bafê) in Şırnak’s İdil district. Two people were detained in the operation during which soldiers broke the doors and windows of the houses they targeted. The detainees were taken to the district security directorate.
On the other hand, 53 years old woman Ayşe Hezer who had been detained in Şırnak’s İdil district before, was jailed for “membership to a terrorist organisation” and “spreading propaganda for a terrorist organisation”. The woman has been sent to Midyat M Type Closed Prison.

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