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onsdag 9 augusti 2017

Turkish forces torture and detain villagers in Şemdinli

Turkish forces torture and detain villagers in Şemdinli.

In an operation launched last night by the Turkish army and police forces in Altınsu (Şapatan), a village in Hakkari’s Şemdinli district with a population of 2000, the village was surrounded after one special operations police officer was killed. 36 villagers were tortured and detained. Entry to and exit from the village has been banned and the detainees were subjected to further torture in the district police headquarters.

20 out of the 36 people with marks of torture on their bodies were released after they were processed in the police headquarters while the remaining 16 people are still in custody.
The village mosque had surveillance cameras installed on the minaret and residents have repeatedly received death threats. Villagers are now calling for awareness.

Source: Firat News Agency

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