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onsdag 9 augusti 2017

Raqqa civilians protesting against Turkey's attacks on Rojava

Raqqa civilians protesting against Turkey's attacks on Rojava.

AL-TABQA- Dozens of al-Raqqa young men joined a march to condemn the Turkish occupation army and its attacks on Democratic North-Syria Federation areas especially Afrin Region which is the first great activity organized by the youths in al-Raqqa.REQQA-TEBQA-MESA-CIWANA-DIJI-ERISEN-ERDOGAN ‫(134676994)‬ ‫‬
The Democratic Arab Youths’ Organization organized a demonstration under the name “No to Turkish occupation” assuring their standing against the Turkish occupation attacks on North-Syria Federation and their support to Afrin and al-Shahba resistance.
Dozens of young men from al-Raqqa and al-Tabqa and their districts gathered at the main street of al-Jaraniyah district in al-Tabqa western countryside holding the Democratic Arab Youths’ flags, the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan’s pictures and banners with “No to Turkish occupation, by struggling and revolutionary soul; we would repel all sorts of aggressive and terrorist attacks and occupation all over Syria” written on.
Before launching the march, the young people danced in rings with Arabic and Kurdish songs celebrating the victories achieved by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) against IS and Turkish mercenaries.
Then, the march started in the main street in al-Jarniyah district amid chanting slogans that salute the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and chants “we sacrifice our soul and blood to the martyr, long live youths resistance”.REQQA-TEBQA-MESA-CIWANA-DIJI-ERISEN-ERDOGAN ‫(134676993)‬ ‫‬
As the young people reached the end of the street, the member of Democratic Arab Youths Movement Mahmoud Ali delivered a speech saying “we would stand against the attacks of Erdogan’s gangs on our resistant people in Afrin, you would not occupy an inch of our land, Afrin is al-Raqqa and we are all redemptions of al-Shahba and Afrin which is the land of pride and dignity”.
The march ended by chanting slogans that salute the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and Afrin resistance against the Turkish occupation.
The youths in al-Raqqa published two days ago the leaflets that condemn the Turkish aggression on the areas of Democratic North-Syria Federation.

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